The Best Ukulele Brands

Ukuleles are fantastic especially to people who are preparing to step up to real music instruments. This is especially because they make cheerful music and they are easy to play. Consequently, beginners and intermediate players can benefit a lot from playing ukuleles. But ukuleles come in different brands where some of these brands are considered […]

Top 5 Ukulele Brands

Whether you are new or an advanced ukulele player, buying a good ukulele could be a challenge. The market is full of business men and women whose main aim is to make money and if you are not careful, they can trick you into buying a wrong brand that will not serve you well. To […]

10 Tips before buying a Ukulele

Buying ukuleles online is extremely popular. This is partly due to the reality that they are fun to play, there is a great selection and are less costly than most musical instruments. Though shopping online does have its drawbacks, explicitly not being able to check and play the gadget physically. Most reputable online stores will […]

The History of Ukulele in the USA.

  Ukulele may be described as a Hawaiian musical which has much remembrance with a small guitar though it has different variations. However, it is a member of guitar family. Ukulele has four strings as opposed to the six strings of a guitar and is also tuned differently from a guitar. Traditional ukulele is strummed […]