Famous Ukulele Players from The USA

The ukulele is very famous in Hawaii, and the instrument came to this nation from many Portuguese immigrants. There are many amazing ukulele players out there, but some of them are dead today. We will let you know more about them right here right now as well. You will have a great time reading this article because you will know more about these outstanding ukulele players, and they are quite awesome people.
Famous Ukulele Players from The USA

1 – Jake Shimabukuro

Jake Shimabukuro is known all over the world for his complex and fast finger work with the ukulele. This virtuoso knows what he does, and he has been quite successful at playing the ukulele these days. His music features an amazing combination of funk, blues, jazz, flamenco, folk, classical, bluegrass, and rock. This is truly amazing for any artist.
2 – Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

Israel Kamakawiwoʻole was a Hawaiian entertain and musician. He loved playing the ukulele too. When he released his famous album called Facing Future, he became a celebrity in his country. He also created a medley that was featured on many TV programs, TV commercials and films. Israel Kamakawiwoʻole was truly influential in the music of his nation.

3 – Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder is a member of the famous Pearl Jam, an American grunge band. He is the leading vocal of this amazing band, and he is also very proud of this feat too. Eddie Vedder is one of Pearl Jam`s 3 guitarists, and he also has outstanding baritone vocals. He also loves making music for other artists out there.
4 – James Hill

James Hill is a Canadian musician who loves playing the ukulele at all times, and he also uses ukulele as a method for teaching music to any children out there. He is very good at it, and he just loves it. James Hill has been traveling all over the world showing others what he can do with the ukulele.

5 – Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is a member of the famous The Dresden Dolls, a duo. She is also a songwriter who loves playing the ukulele. Amanda Palmer also loves performing as a solo artist these days. She formed the famous The Dresden Dolls with Brian Viglione in 2000, and this was a successful move in her music career.

6 – Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson is an outstanding American songwriter and singer. She has also released a lot of albums including Girls and Boys. Ingrid Michaelson has reached the middle of the famous Billboard Hot 100, which is truly great for her these days too. Her first album was released in 2006 called Girls and Boys, which was truly streamed on the famous Myspace.

7 – Roy Smeck

Roy Smeck is was a famous American musician. He was also called the Wizard of Strings because he was very good at the ukulele, steel guitar, guitar, and banjo. Roy Smeck was also an early radio performer, and Roy Smeck also loved putting together a lot of acts for many appearances right across America.

8 -Julia Nunes

Julia Nunes is an outstanding songwriter and singer from New York. She has used YouTube to upload tons of videos where she is playing the ukulele. She truly sees in harmony with her true self, and Julia Nunes also loves playing many acoustic instruments out there including the piano and the guitar. She also loves uploading videos of her favorite bands to her YouTube account such as Destiny`s Child.

9 – Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is a record producer, actor, musician, documentary filmmaker, singer, and songwriter. He was born in Hawaii. Jack Johnson also loves surfing, which was a sport that he practiced a lot in the past. He knows what to do in the acoustic and soft rock genres.

10 – Cliff Edwards

Cliff Edwards was a famous American singer. He also specialized in the important jazzy renditions of novelty tunes and pop standards, and Cliff Edwards was truly good at it. He loved this, and his fans grow in number over time too. Cliff Edwards was also a voice actor and an actor who was popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

These are some of the amazing ukulele players that you might enjoy today. You can watch their videos on YouTube or listen to their music right away. Having a great time is easy when you listen to these artists` performance in the company of the famous ukulele these days too.

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