Top 5 Ukulele Brands

Whether you are new or an advanced ukulele player, buying a good ukulele could be a challenge. The market is full of business men and women whose main aim is to make money and if you are not careful, they can trick you into buying a wrong brand that will not serve you well. To avoid falling into such traps, here is a list of top ukulele brands that will guarantee quality, variety and affordable prices:


Do to its popularity, this is one of the most recognized ukulele brand in the market that if you were to ask randomly across the streets for the best ukulele brand, Kala is the first name you will come across. So what makes it top in the list? When it comes to quality and playability, Kala brand does not disappoint. There is always a lot to choose from with affordable prices that suit every pocket needs. Kala ukuleles are made from durable woods such as mahogany, acacia, and rosewood. They offer wide selection of ukuleles suitable for every occasion.


This ukulele brand first impresses every player out there with their motto “make me happy” which gives a perfect reflection of what ukulele is meant for. Their ukuleles come in many shapes and sizes and they provide very affordable prices that will suit every pocket. The ukuleles are always geared towards beginners but pros can also find good ukuleles there with high quality and cheap prices.


Mahalo brand ukuleles are crafted in a unique way bringing with them beauty and elegance for confidence whether performing on stage or just having a quite moment alone. Even though this brand focuses mostly on beginner ukuleles, they are highly recognized for the effort and dedication they put in designing quality ukuleles with well balanced tones. The affordable prices invite you further to buy from them and they don’t disappoint in terms of design and quality.


Luna ukuleles come with great designs and playability nature that is sure to attract every passionate ukulele player out there. This brand is reliable and will make you stand out from a great crowd while playing either on a concert or any occasion. This brand has built a good reputation with various instruments not limiting themselves to ukuleles only. The high end ukuleles from this brand are awesome for every experienced player and beginner.


This is another incredible brand with high-end ukuleles that come with quality sounds. Their instruments are well built with quality and sturdy materials that lasts longer. They are easy to play, have decent sound and affordable prices and will suit every player out there be it an amateur or a pro. Hola ukuleles are gaining more and more popularity in the market with unique designs and quality materials that ensures comfort and fun while playing.


There are a lot of things to consider when you want to buy ukulele including the material, size, sound, price and many more. Every person’s taste is different and what one person sees as perfect may not please another. However, if you are truly passionate ukulele players, you will agree that the top five brands are the best choice.



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